Olymp Trade robot OlympBot
version 6.1

The robot is distributed for free. You can download it from the link below and try it on the Demo account.

Olymp Trade Robot OlympBot
Android version

The robot is distributed free of charge. You can download it from the link below and test it on the Demo account.

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The robot is the unique tool for automating trade on the Olymp Trade platform.

Martingale Strategy

This strategy is used by many experienced traders and allows you to get a good deposit increase in a short amount of time.

Signals Trading

The robot can connect to our market analytics server OlympBot Cloud Analytics. This allows it to trade on signals with increased accuracy.

Support 24/7

Our experts will answer all your questions related to the robot, at any time day or night.
Email: support@olympbot.com

Select OlympBot
for your device

For computers:
OlympBot works as a browser extension.
Simply select the browser you are using:
If you do not have any of the above browsers installed, then we recommend installing Google Chrome.
For mobile devices:
The OlympBot application for Android has the same functionality as the version for the computer. You can configure and launch the robot anywhere, anytime.

Installation Instructions and activation of the robot

To trade on the Live account, you need to activate the robot, which consists of 2 steps.
To test the robot on the Demo Account, activation is not required.

Installing OlympBot as an extension for your browser
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OlympBot for the computer works as a browser extension. This allows you to completely simulate the actions of a real user.

List of supported browsers:
1) Google Chrome
2) Opera
3) Yandex.Browser
4) FireFox
5) Microsoft Edge
6) CocCoc
Install OlympBot
The robot for Olymp Trade is downloadable for free only if you use the robot to trade on the Live account, you need to go through the activation procedure, which consists of 2 steps.
Step # 1 - Register with Olymp Trade through the OlympBot system.
To register an account, use the form below.
Registration through this site is a prerequisite for activation of the robot.
Step # 2 - Make a deposit of 100$/€.
The robot will be traded with this money. The deposit amount is determined by the strategy used in the robot algorithm: you must have stock to cover a failed transaction.

Olymp Trade Robot for Android

The OlympBot version for Android has full functionality. This means that you can launch the trading robot anywhere from your Android smartphone.

The application is installed directly from Google Play. Just install it by following the link below.

User Reviews

Our team has been working on the robot for a long time and would be very happy if you send your feedback to us by e-mail: support@olympbot.com

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about our support service.
Is it possible to use the robot for trading if you already have an account on the Olymp Trade platform?
You can try the robot on any profile, but only on the demo account.
In order for the robot to trade on the Live account and receive signals for it, you need to go through the activation procedure of the robot.

The activation procedure consists of 2 steps:
1. Register an account with Olymp Trade through our website.
2. Make a deposit of 100 ($ / €).
The deposit amount is due to the fact that it is necessary to have a margin to close the deal in case it turned out to be wrong.